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ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE MEDIA / DESARROLLO ARTISTICO DE LOS MEDIOS ( is a company of artists with a wide experience in the field of applied creation and a high level of performance in handling the latest digital technology. Our company was founded to put at your disposal the most advanced technology coupled with artistic creation. DES.AR.ME. are:

Gustavo Gustavo Muñoz - Masters degree in Fine Arts with the Thesis "Introducing 3D for artists" at the San Carlos University in Valencia (Spain) and teacher on several CG courses in a couple of Fine Arts Faculties in Spain. Well known as a painter, with pieces in private and institutional art colections and catalogs. Also interested in aesthetics, he has published some articles about artistic matters. As an audio-visual specialist, he counts with a long carrer in Design and Publicity, mainly as a digital post-production and 3D artist, and more focused in the last years in Character animation. Several of his tutorials about 3D techniques have been published in magazines and specialiced web sites ("3D y animación",,, he is also the director of the spanish on-line workgroups "cole2d" y "cole3d".
Victoria Victoria Contreras - Degree in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Taught Drawing from natural, Illustration and Digital Tools at the University. Painter, illustrator, animator, art director and theatrical designer. Her interactive tool "Artnatomy" was presented at the Siggraph Internationnal Conference on 2006 and has been featured on international contests and portals. Focused on Art Direction and motion graphics.



Our specialties: 2D and 3D animation, games, interactives, special effects (title, morphing, rotoscoping, synchronization with audio), digital editing, video post-production, graphic design, art direction.


With the ability and confidence to deal directly with the best specialist according to each need. Make your inquiry directly to artists with broad and active curriculum, which are both specialists with extensive experience in all types of applied creation to advertising, entertainment, and industry.


The abolition of intermediaries between customers and authors, allows a direct and fluent dialogue with repercussions not only in increased work performance, but also in its price. Abolishing the benefit of any intermediary, the customer will not only see dramatically lower the bill, but also helps to change the current system in the market for a fairer trade.

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